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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I avail free trial before I choose to pay?
A. We at TradersPlace do not provide free trial.  We have monthly option for all our services, thus enabling you to judge our services at very affordable fees. Check our Pricing here

Q. Is the membership payment refundable ?
A. TradersPlace assures you the best of services. However for some reasons, you are not satisfied with TradersPlace services any point during your membership, simply notify us, you will receive a prorated refund for the remainder of your subscription term [not valid for monthly memberships]

Q. What is the success ratio of the calls given?
A. We advice traders to visit us frequently & judge for themselves. Click here to check Monthly reports.

Q. I have registered @ TradersPlace, I do not get calls & recommendations?
A. By registering @ TradersPlace you are entitled only to our Promotional Calls & Recommendations. For daily Calls & Recommendations you need to be our Premium Member

Q. How does TradersPlace come up with Recommendations ?
A. Only fundamentally strong  stocks which have good daily trading volume remain on our watch-list.  We apply technical analysis on short, medium and long term time horizon; identify patterns and trends on charts; analyze price and volume action; signals which come across are recommended.

Q. Only Calls hit are mentioned, does that mean that all calls are successful ?
A. In correspondence & archives you would find mention of only calls that have hit targets. However we clarify that not all calls are successful. There are stop losses that are hit, where the position has to be exited. Stop losses are meant to preserve Traders Capital when the Trade goes wrong & need discipline to be executed.
Click here to check Monthly reports.


Have any questions which are not listed, feel free to Contact Us.