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Testimonial from Participants of Technical Analysis Course

K Ravindranath, Banker from Hyderabad, Age 46.

I learned Technical Analysis from TradersPlace recently. I am very short term trader and l found the course useful. Jayesh's way of teaching is excellent and each topic was explained in detail. At the end of the course, group discussion and one to one sessions were conducted which helped a lot in applying the learning(Technical Analysis) to my trading style.

Sanjib Mall, Pune, Age 55. 

As a premium member of TradersPlace I have been getting excellent advice on my investments as well as trading. I found the advice based on Technical Analysis timely, accurate and implementable. After seeing how well it works, it made me interested in learning more about technical analysis to improve my investment skills further and I joined the training course conducted by TradersPlace. The course and the study material was of high quality and we learnt how to apply the methods through various real world examples. This has given me a solid basis for making investment and trading decisions based on technical analysis. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about becoming a better investor.

Reshma Shah, Housewife from Mumbai, Age 36.

I am a housewife and trade in my own limited way. Before taking this course I use to trade based on recommendations that came on various TV Channels.  I was frustrated as I was not making money, infact I was loosing it! I recently completed the Online Technical Analysis Course with TradersPlace. Now I am aware of Money Management, Risk Management & Trading Pitfalls along with the knowledge of how to apply Technical Analysis in Trading. Based on my positive experience with the course I am confident that I would do much better going ahead.

Jeet Modi, Software Engineer from Bangalore, Age 28.
I am software engineer by profession and I have been trading for past few years now. I do short term trading and also love to trade Nifty intraday whenever I could. I had subscribed to Nifty Trading Calls from TradersPlace earlier and found them very good. Was interested to know how the calls were given. So I enrolled for Foundation Course in Technical Analysis  and was amazed at the simple setup which resulted in such good trading calls in Nifty! Many of my wrong concepts of Technical Analysis got corrected during the course and I think I am more equipped now to apply the right tools in different market
conditions. Trainer is well qualified and has indepth knowledge of the subject,  I highly recommend this course for beginners who are venturing into trading world !

Umesh Dhingra, Delhi, IIT'ian, Age 56.
First of all thank you and also congratulations on delivering a very satisfying technical analysis course ( Dec 2015) . The on line experience of your teaching and my understanding was absolutely perfect . I really appreciated your knowledge of the fundamentals, the varied examples that you gave and explained in detail , the different scenarios. Also the batch size was equally important so that individual attention to my queries was always there to perfection. The study material that you sent us and shared with us as we progressed in the course was very appropriate.  WhatsApp group also keeps all of us tied together.

I have been into mentoring myself for almost two decades, (just a brief : I have almost more than 500 students who would thank me anytime for their admissions into IIM's),  but the way Jayesh has used his knowledge intelligently to teach us Technical Charts is a credit which squarely goes to him. His patience in taking numerous examples on every Sunday is again his another strength. Finally, I think what I will be always grateful to Jayesh , is that , he has taught me how to create "wealth" by trading in equity , for my self without too much risks ! Cheers and regards to you, Jayesh !

Durgesh Kumar, Banker from Jorhat, Age 32.
It was good experience for me attending the Technical Analysis Course. I feel more confident now in my chart reading & trading, Jayesh Sir's teaching style is just excellent.

Chetan Mehta, Mumbai, Age 38.
I was following TradersPlace from last few years. Recently I had Joined his live Trading Course. It was wonderful experience and learnt a lot and most of the Technical Analysis concept are clear now. Jayesh Sir was very good in teaching & supportive, all beginners should learn from him.

Amit Sharma, Delhi, Age 37, Director Brats and Cuties Play School.
On Technical Analysis course by Mr. Jayesh -  He is the best, his way of teaching is very neat, while conducting course he is more than ok even if there would be few hours or 1-2 mandays extra than the allotted timeline of the course but his purpose of conducting this course is very clear, he gives his best , incorporates all his experience to take his students up the learning curve and the best part he will never let you alone even after course completion, you will always remain connected with him through WhatsApp group, also he is just a call away in case of any assistance related to course post the completion as well. I feel confident in market post taking up his course but one needs to do a lot of practice post course completion so as to have par excellence knowledge, it's an ongoing learning process and practice makes you perfect.

Kausik Chandrasekaran, Chennai, Age 28, IT Professional.
Just wanted to a take a moment and provide my feedback on the training that i recently attended.  The training was really useful and exceeded my expectations. The knowledge that Jayesh has on Technical Analysis is undoubtedly good. The manner in which the technical concepts were explained is really top notch, even a novice can understand them better.  From my part, I will have to ensure that I apply the concepts on a daily basis to fully reap the benefits of this course. Jayesh's offer to provide assistance for the next weeks/months until we get comfortable with the market is a feather in his cap, having a mentor like him is certainly comforting.

Shashank Jain, Hyderabad, IIT'ian, Chief IT Consultant.
I have been using TradersPlace service and following Jayesh's advice since almost 10 yrs now. All along, has been amazed and curious on how TP used to be so accurate and spot-on on predicting chart movements. Than recently I happen to attend Technical Analysis training conducted by Jayesh personally over 6 weeks period, covering all the nuances of chart interpretation. Course was excellent in terms of how Jayesh explains the psychology of trading along with technicalities of price movements. The best part was that he would explain concepts not only theoretically (which anyone can get from loads of material online) but also will top that up with real time chart examples and his vast experience. Thank you Jayesh and TradersPlace.

Praveen, Hyderabad,  Engineer.
I would recommend any beginner to attend Jayesh's Technical Analysis course. He has vast experience in Trading and Technical Analysis. I have never seen anyone with so much of patience, he clears all your doubts by providing best examples possible. I am looking forward to his advanced Technical Analysis Course very soon.

Prasad Deshpande, Pune.
Please stop following Tips, that is pure Gambling. Learn Technical Analysis, it costs much less then the Losses you otherwise make in the markets. Technical Analysis is like driving a car, its difficult at start but that's the best tool you can give your self if you want to trade markets. Jayesh Sir has a very good Technical Analysis Course. He knows what he is teaching, I have attended his last batch(7th), and course is very reasonable.

Ashwin Date, Age 30,  Indore.
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"
I bet I can bring a paan wala to your TA charting course and even he'll leave feeling like he's learned a trick or two. Your Knowledge is hard earned Sir, but I think that art of explaining it in such easy way is even more valuable. Let's be candid here, every single piece of information or knowledge you share is already available online. In hundreds of website free of charge.But that art of putting it all together with such simplicity and making sense of it, that is extremely rare.

Viraj Shah, Age 33,  Hyderabad.
Jayesh's training was good. Learnt few new things which i was not aware of. If a topic on risk management, position sizing, and money management can be included then the entire course will become more lethal (feedback noted & would be implemented in coming batches).  Overall, i am satisfied.

Vikash Sadani, Age 34,  Trader, Kolkata.
The best part about Technical Analysis Course was that it was simple and to the point. Simple technical tools can also give super awesome results and there is no need to complicate things is the USP of the course.

Deepak Harwani, Age 39, Thane.
Sr. Manager Purchase in Control Valve Manufacturing company. Passion - Trading in stocks.  
Teaching & explanation was very good.  I have gained knowledge which I could have never gained by self learning. Of course mistakes in past have given me knowledge and understanding of how market works, but price is higher than to learn from an expert . So thank you Jayesh, to have you as Guru in learning Technical Analysis.

K. Baskar, Age 36, Quality Auditor, Namakkal.
I  have been in markets for nearly 6 years, but I never thought of Technical Analysis. I came to know about it only after getting in touch with Jayesh in Trading Room.  He is a good trainer / educator. After this course I am planning to move to full time trading in some times. great ji...

Akhilesh B., Investor/Trader, Hyderabad.
It’s more than a Technical Analysis course where you learn the use of not just the various candlestick patterns and technical indicators, but it is a relationship of a lifetime where he would hold your hand to walk you through this journey of being an amateur trader to a successful trader. Jayesh shares with the participants his trading setups which you can utilize to make your trading profitable. Learners get lifetime membership of Trading Room, which is one of the unique features of this program, where you get guidance on making the correct investment and trading decisions and get expert advice on your chart analysis, and these all are complimentary to the program. I would recommend this program to all who have inclination to learn Technical Analysis.

Mohit Kala, Broker, Jaipur.

I have 18 years of stock broking experience as a NSE Member, but never seen a analyst like Jayesh. He never speaks without study and charts. With the power of following charts he also see the other factors which may effect the charts otherway. Jayesh, you are a perfect stock market teacher anyone can think of. Seriously Jayesh is above all the analysts I have come across in my stock market career.

CA Madhu Chougula, IT Professional, Bangalore.
Jayesh was too good and explained most of the thing in a very simple way. Hoping to incorporate all the Technical Analysis learning's effectively. Many thanks for the insightful sessions.

Santhip BalaKrishnan, Senior Quality Analyst, Age 37, Chennai.
TradersPlace Online Technical Analysis Course was one of the best I’ve had. Jayesh gave me insights into areas which I’ve never explored before, an amazing course with useful tips which are easy to apply. It has consolidated my skills and provides actionable concepts in a way that encouraged instant application. I have already started using things I have learnt in the course.  Thanks for giving confidence and I look forward for long journey with you.

Major Amar Kumar, Indian Army, Patiala.
Those who want to stay in the market for long time, go for the course. I attended the 9th Batch. It is really worth every penny. Moreover you would be learning something which you can apply for years to come in the financial markets. This Technical Analysis Course gives an all together different perspective of the market. Thanks Jayesh Sir.

Achutha Rugvedi, Age 30, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Kuwait.
First of all, a big thanks to Jayesh Sir for conducting this course. I feel very lucky to get  associated so early with TradersPlace platform and your course. Initially, I  was curious and surprised to know, why the price fluctuates so rapidly and slowly in some stocks. But,after taking your classes, I understood all the technicals behind it. The simple way of your teaching also makes it easier for anybody to understand. Your Nifty analysis were always spot on with accurate prediction. Infact, I joined the classes seeing those analysis only. You are the best teacher in technical analysis and will always be my first and last guru in stock market.

Deepharsh Jaiswal, Age 25, Amravati, Entrepreneur.
"If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results"

Myself Deepharsh Jaiswal from 10th Batch of TradersPlace Online Technical Analysis Course. Technical knowledge you can get it anywhere like in books, internet, etc. But Jayesh Sir shares his good and bad experiences which he has had in past 19 years. Thats the USP of this course. Sir teaches each point very clearly and easy to understand, simple way. After this course I don't depend on others for advice on a stock, I do my own analysis. Now I can clearly judge entry and exist points of a trade which is the most important part in making a trade successful. This is the best thing I learned from this course. This course is strongly recommended for novices(like me), its a kick start for them, and very useful for veterans as well. Trust me its a profitable investment in stock market.  Go for it!  And lastly but not leastly I thank sir for taking such a wonderful course!

Vidit Popli, Age 29, Delhi, IT Consultant.
Reluctant is what everyone is when it comes to showing faith in someone you have not met.Yes,it happened with me as well.And to mention it proudly,we still have good people around in this world and one such kind human i have come across in recent is Jayesh Sir.  I ' am a participant of 10th batch of Technical Analysis course.Take my word ,the Experience ,the Knowledge,the Expertise, the Insights of Technical world he has shared with us is invaluable.A very very humble guy with to the point talks.And for those who are here reading this to clear their doubts before going for it ,for them, I am always available to share my feedback in person.Wish you much more recognition and much success in life Jayesh sir.Keep going!

Dushyant Reddy, Age 29, Bangalore, Pharma Quality Specialist.
I was participant in the 10th Batch of Technical Analysis Course. I would suggest to take this course, as it is completely worth it. Persons who are new to the market like me, are very much encouraged to join. JOIN, YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH CHARTS!!

Ravi Vijay, Age 24, Kalyan, Software Engineer.
The day I started trading and investment, everyone gave tips on this stock or that stock. I paper traded them and got an efficiency of less than even 30-40 Percent. This can prove hazardous. None of these people knew why that was happening. They just gave buy calls day in and day out. No logic truly.  So I started looking for a course which can actually answer my 'WHY'. I was an absolute newbie having heard some big technical terms like RSI and Moving averages, but got the complete essence of these studies at the Technical Analysis Course. Now I feel one step ahead in stock market understanding. If you get a world full of knowledge and association with wonderful people in a few thousand rupees, would you leave the opportunity. So this course is that. Don't leave this course, just go for it. About Jayesh Sir, with all his wisdom and experience gained over the years,  he can prove to be KRISHNA for your life! Just you have to be ARJUN to take the course and take his learning to execution.

Mohak Jaipuria, Age 23, Student, Yavatmal.
You learn something unique, something useful, something which is not just a Theory.  By really an expert and experienced person. Ever-ready to support, always equally interested even in your smallest doubt. Its not just a course, its more like a training and nothing can feel better than having a interesting and a worthy Sunday.

Puran Mahori, Age 42, Derivative Trader, Delhi.
The course format was in context, very well planned and executed.  I feel more confident in applying it effectively on my working style.  I will highly recommend this course.

Raju Virani, Age 52, Agriculturist & Sub Broker, Yavatmal.
I am in share market from 2007. I was an branch manager in IIFL till 2011. I have attended many courses but not all had been conducted professionally. I was following Jayesh Sir for his Nifty analysis which he updates regularly.  Once I just asked a question to him and he answered that in such a way that I was amazed by his accuracy. Really guys I had found a friend in this reality show of share market. The simple minute observation makes a huge difference in a trade; when to buy or sell and that is what he teaches us in the class. I joined the Technical Analysis Batch 11 and i feel so polished and confident that I can succeed in this market because he teaches us the money management and also the risk reward factor. An amazing personality who shares his experience in classroom makes us feel comfortable. Dont think I could have gained this much anywhere else.  Anyone who is interested in Technical analysis be it newcomers of traders from last 5 years just Join The Class.  Thanks Jayesh Sir for being there as a Friend Philosopher and Guide. Will miss the Sundays as what to do , thanks again

Swati Wankhede, Dombivli.
I had attended two technical analysis courses almost three years before. But none of them explained the technicals in such a easy and informative manner.Thank you Jayesh sir for such  wonderful sessions.

Suresh Babu A,  Bangalore, Service, Age 38.
This is the first time I had decided to undergo some course in Technical Analysis. I am delighted that I have identified the right person who knows the in-depth of Technical analysis and passionate to teach to others. All the doubts we raised have been clarified with appropriate examples till the doubts are completely cleared. The way he was explaining the fundamentals of each concept are undoubtedly appreciable. So far I was approaching the market always with doubts and fear which resulted in huge losses. After this course, I got a confidence that surely I will be one of the successful person in Stock market. Full credit goes to Jayesh Sir. I strongly recommend the Technical Analysis Course conducted by Jayesh sir to all who wants to be successful Trader.  

Jayesh Desai (CFA,CMA), Self Employed, Age 51, Mumbai.
Before taking up this course, I had spoken to several trainers to get understanding of the content & methodology of the courses offered by them. I was looking for a trainer who is not just a 'teacher' but is accomplished trader/ investor. I liked this course because of depth of the content, practical experience of the trainer, regular mentoring opportunity and reasonable pricing. At the end of the course, I can say with confidence that the training has delivered more that what I expected.  All sessions start with resolving queries and you have opportunity of placing your analysis which gets validated or questions get answered. Interesting thing is that while we were provided with a reputed book, we were often told what not to follow from book.  Jayesh Gala puts lot of efforts in helping participants understand market psychology/ sentiments, analyse it through chart/ patterns and how to build profit-making strategy.In just few sessions, I developed skill and confidence to invest in extremely complex stock market. I will recommend this course to any beginner or experienced individual who would like to learn to navigate through extremely complex stock markets and make profits.

Rakesh Khorana, New Delhi, Age 45, Senior Management Professional.
Jayesh Gala’s technical course was recommended to me by a former participant of the course. Some of the key aspects that made me go ahead with the course were (a) online classes spread over multiple  weeks, (b) over two decades of successful trading and advisory service experience of Mr. Jayesh Gala, (c) continued mentoring post completion of the course, and (d) small batch sizes. Unlike many courses which are covered over two days, this course allowed time for one to understand the concept, practice it during the week before the next session when doubts were cleared along with practical examples and the next concept was introduced and explained. Jayesh’s way of explaining a concept could be easily related to by any learner. He adjusted the pace of the course to the grasping ability of all the participants in the group. Jayesh shared video recordings of each class with the participants so that one could re-visit the session when trying to apply the concept taught during the week. To add, he was always available and prompt in addressing one’s doubts outside the formal sessions too. This way, step-by-step technical analysis was taught and finally all the dots were connected to build a structured approach and methodology that one can use. Small batch sizes, personalized attention and lots of practical examples including real-time ones hugely enriched the learning process. Tapping into Jayesh Gala’s experience which he readily shared along with “tricks”, tools and strategies that worked for him was the “icing on the cake”. I rarely see people open up and willingly share knowledge and experience in this trade. Jayesh Gala does it. Take my word. Any learning is not a one-way street. The learner too has to be persistent, continually make the effort & time to practice and further the knowledge in this field. This course has helped me a lot and I strongly recommend it. It is definitely worth the investment!

C Baskar, Age 47, Advocate, Chennai.
One of my teachers used to say "Simplicity comes out of complexity". Mr Jayesh has been an ardent technical analyst for the past 20 years. Out of his experience, he has simplified the concept of technical analysis. Over the years he has found out what works best and what works not. These principles,  he shares with us willingly in the course. Very few share their experience and knowledge. Mr Jayesh happens to be one. All the best for his future endeavors.

CA Manish Thakkar, Mumbai, Taxation Professional.
One immediate benefit I got from TAC is I saved my life time, valuable time of watching & reading news. It's great saving indeed. All Thanks to Jayesh.

Abhishek Sinha, Age 32, Mumbai, Derivatives Dealer.
Nicely articulated, well drafted Technical Analysis course. Jayesh took us through the concepts in a detailed fashion, also adding his insights gained through years spent in the markets. Theory part aside, what works best and often in the markets and what patterns to look into and what not, were the remarkable part of this course. Highly recommended to people right from newbies to professionals!!