Helping you become a successful Trader.


Do you struggle with Trading?

  • Afraid to Trade?
  • Profits small, Losses large?
  • Tips, News, Media not helping?
  • Emotions taking toll on Health?
  • Confused about Market movements?

  • Loosing Time and Money due to Failure?
  • Unable to find Winning Trades consistently?
Trading is not easy!
We understand that outcome of trading endeavour has meaningful impact on financial and overall well-being of a Trader and his family.

No more Fear and Confusion in Trading, we are here to guide you.


To be a successful trader you need to master 3M's; Mind, Money and Method. Hundred of Traders from various walks of life have entrusted us to  guide and mentor them in their trading endeavours.


What is at Stake?

Trading carries huge rewards as well as huge risks. Without proper knowledge and discipline it can cause serious ruin to financial health. Trading looks easy and glamorous from outside, but only minority of traders succeed at it in long run.

Are you serious about Trading?

Trial and error is costly and cumbersome way to learn trading. If you are serious about trading, its advisable to first understand how things work in the financial world before jumping in. With fundamentals clear, you would be better prepared to succeed at trading.

Choice is Yours!

Continue trading without understanding how market works. Trade on your own with trial and error.  Keep paying fees to Mr Market for all the random and un-managed trades.
Take the course, invest a small amount in knowledge that would serve for a life time. Understand the method (3M's Mind, Method & Money). Trade with a mentor alongside to guide through the financial maze.

No more Fear and Confusion in Trading. Trade with Clarity and Conviction.  Learn Technical Analysis, Trade like a Pro.



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Learn Technical Analysis, Trade with Clarity and Conviction, Trade like a Pro.


  • Lifetime access to 40+ Hours of  insightful video content spread over 12 Sessions. (via USB Flash Drive that would be couriered or Online Google Drive Cloud Link)
  • Two books on technical analysis (worth Rs 1400) along with other useful notes.
  • One hour private online session with trainer to create tailor made trading systems.
  • One year technical analysis coaching support from the trainer.
  • Life time membership of Whatsapp Mentoring Group.
        (all those who take course are added here)

If you are in India you would get Videos and Course Notes stored in USB Flash Drive couriered to you. Books would reach from Amazon. Participants outside India would get all course content via Cloud (Google Drive Link).

Course Investment (Fees) ~  Rs 9,000 (All Inclusive)

Enroll to the Coursebecome a successful trader

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