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Technical Analysis Course, Education & Training

The objective of the Comprehensive Course in Technical Analysis(Video Format) is to teach you Technical Analysis techniques that will enable you to preserve your capital and boost your investment / trading profits, while at the same time minimizing the risk of losses.

Course covers all the tenets of Technical Analysis in detail and is designed for Stock, Commodity, Forex & Futures Traders. Video Training Sessions are complimented with practical market examples (with additional recent examples during Mentoring).  Course is suitable for Traders of all personality types and trading styles; those who are serious about generating trading income by using strategies based on Technical Analysis. Course is also suitable for Investors who want to systematically manage there own portfolio.  In the video course, Traders / Investors would discover tools to find rewarding trading / investing entry and exit techniques and also get an opportunity to deepen their understanding of market analysis and strategy. Amazing Opportunity to Learn Technical Analysis at your own pace from Market Expert within comforts of  your Home / Office.

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